Dissertation Accounting Information System

AIS Notable Contributions to the Literature Award

Rajendra Prasad Srivastava

"Belief-Function Models in Assessing Overall Information Quality & Information Systems Security Risk Assessment"

AIS Outstanding Dissertation Award

Pei Li

"Employing Belief Functions for Improving Rule-based Exception Prioritization IN Continuous Auditing Systems"

AIS Best Paper Award for the Journal of Information Systems (JIS)

Robert E. Crossler, James H. Long, Tina M. Loraas, Brad S. Trinkle

"Understanding Compliance with Bringing Your Own Device Policies Utilizing Protection Motivation Theory: Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap"

AIS outstanding Service award – Editor for Journal of Information Systems

A. Faye Borthick

AIS Outstanding Service Award – Reviewer for Journal of Information Systems

Jake Rose

AIS Outstanding Service Award – President

Robert Pinsker

AIS Outstanding Service Award – Reviewer for Journal of Information Systems

Andrea Kelton

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