Technological Studies Case Study Ideas

Technologists' practice case studies: Introduction

These case studies tell the stories of technological projects from throughout New Zealand and beyond from conception to completion. They provide an excellent classroom resource for Technology teachers to use as examples of product, process and problem-solving in Technological Practice, and to celebrate the excellence of innovative New Zealanders. Each case study is supported by links to more detailed information, including background, technological knowledge, career profiles, a glossary and illustrations of components of practice. If you have a story that you would like to share please contact

  • Food processing for local, national, and international markets

    This collection of videos compares three businesses in Gisborne, illustrating similarities and differences in food processing for a local, a national, and an international market.

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  • A Diploma in Costume Construction

    Georgia Dowling describes the highlights of her Diploma in Costume Construction at Toi Whakaari.

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  • Developing eco-friendly fabrics

    Wool waste, rice straw waste, and eco-friendly dyeing are under the microscope as New Zealand researchers, designers, and companies look to create new and more sustainable textiles. Staff and students at Massey University’s textile design programme are at the cutting edge of such developments.

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  • Modular field camp system

    Gisborne- based geophysicist and project manager Barry McLaughlin has designed an efficient modular field camp system for use by oil and gas exploration teams in remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

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  • Access Automation

    Access Automation Ltd

    Manufacturing self-leveling incline elevators for Wellington's hillside properties

    Techlink would like to thank Mark Galvin and Paula Smith for their contributions to this case study.

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  • A bit on the side

    For a large food manufacturer with an established market and reputation, new products are vital part of a dynamic strategy for growth.

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  • Heinz Wattie's: The idea

    This case study examines the role of the Product Development team of a food manufacturer.

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  • Fit to Drink

    Faced with new drinking-water standards that rated Dunedin's water as Ee, the lowest of the low, Dunedin City Council decided it had to replace one of its two main water treatment plants.

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  • Watties project brief

    This case study examines the development of a specific new product.

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  • The age of aquariums

    Specialising in aquariums, Mike Murphy has worked from a modest office in his Manurewa home for clients around the world.

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