Guild Wars 2 Critical Review Essay

Either the rulesets between pve and wvw need to be split, which can obviously be done since it has been done for a number of skills and for pvp.
Trying to balance pve and wvw to where they are both fair i dont think that is possible.
how about lower condition base damage by a bunch but have them able to crit this wouldnt affect pve too much since they already run viper/grieving and all those hybrid type stats.
For WVW this would mean condi builds would have to factor crit chance and crit damage into their builds if they want to do decent damage.
Dire, Trailblazer and probably Celestial stat combos should never have been added to the game they give a condition build everything they need toughness and vitality the survival stats and only need the condition damage stat for damage and maybe condition duration whatever
If you want to do effective power damage you need three stats power precision and ferocity but then you also need toughness and vitality you have to balance your stats for survival and damage if you did the above where condis can crit a condition build would then have to do the same


This game is fantastic, a milestone. Not only the overall level of quality and detail is above almost any other MMO in the market, but it alsoThis game is fantastic, a milestone. Not only the overall level of quality and detail is above almost any other MMO in the market, but it also innovates the genre in many ways.
No more single task, static questing, but a living world where events are not waiting for you to click on an NPC to happen: you explore, you see things happening, you join them and your actions have consequences.
No more gear grind: both in PvE and PvP, you won't need to farm gear for ages just to be able to join the action. At max level everybody is on the same gear level, the outcomes of the challenge is determined by your skill, finally.
No more being pigeon holed within one single class role. Every class can finally be ranged and melee, healing or dpsing. Shift your weapons, manage your countless skills, dodge and parry the incoming attacks. This is finally an engaging combat!
No more waiting for a healer or a tank to show up: you want to do that dungeon with 5 warriors or 5 necromancers? You can, it works.
No more subscription fees: you by the game and you play it as much as you want, at your pace. Content will be periodically added, and it will be free. You just have to buy the official expansion when they will come out.

This game is different in mechanics, is gigantic in scope, is beautiful and intriguing. Do yourself a favour and don't miss it. It's not "marketing" or advertisement. It's how the game is, as a matter of fact.

(Final note: I read some of the few "0" rated reviews here and I am appalled by the false information they spread. One thing is expressing opinions, one thing is spreading clear lies. Only 5 skills? False. I cannot play with my friends? False. Give the game a try, you'll see by yourself what's true and what's false...…Expand

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