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Jennifer Childs

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Executive Summary 3
Introduction 3
Problems and Causes 4 Question 1 4 Question 2: 5 Question 3: 6
Conclusions: 8
Prioritised Recommendations 8
Final Recommendations (General Lessons Learnt) 8


The mandate of Syndicate study group Joburg South is to analyse this case study about a Midsize pharmaceutical company under the leadership of Jennifer Childs (Owner and CEO). The company has sales offices or manufacturing plants in eight countries.

At the October staff meeting the CEO asked three manager to develop a prioritized list of potential projects and to meet with her to sell on their ideas. According to the CEO company profits for the year are expected to be more than 2m$ more than…show more content…

and Van Dyk, P, Cranefield College)

Problems and Causes

The company is run by a family and usually follow what the CEO’s father says (No formal structures). Some of the problems that were identified were: o Production flow insufficient

o Poor planning

o Production staff does not give input on operations even though the do the ground work

o Traditional management style used

o Poor financial Management tools( Computers too old)

o Implementing risky projects

o Lack of Project Governance

Question 1

Did you regard Jennifer’s verbal Request for Proposal (RFP) as sufficient?


The writer regards Jennifer’s verbal Request for Proposal (RFP) as sufficient as the RFP does not always have to be a formal document. The RFP, or need, can sometimes be communicated informally and orally.

In the case of Jennifer Child, Jennifer did provide sufficient information by indicating the budget as well

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Essay about Jennifer Gaston Case

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Human Resource Management

Case Study Report: “Jennifer Gaston”

1. Evaluate Gaston’s hiring of Olivia DeCarlo as Aquamarine’s COO and President. How, if at all, might the process have been improved?

Before elaborating on the hiring process of the new president and COO Olivia DeCarlo some theoretical aspects concerning the right hiring process have to be clarified.
In order to ensure the hiring of the most suitable candidate the right recruitment and selection process is absolutely necessary as it controls the entry of new employees into the organization. Recruitment means attracting potential candidates to apply to fill vacancies. Selection is the next step after the recruitment phase…show more content…

Jennifer Gaston already made a mistake in the past hiring an individualist not fitting into the team culture. Due to time pressure, Gaston decided not to further evaluate on this issue, which is a great risk especially regarding future teamwork in such important management levels within an organization. Therefore, a clear improvement would be to arrange another interview with a different important management member possibly forming a panel interview with a member from the HR department to clearly assess the personality and specifically the team working skills of Olivia DeCarlo in a personal, business environment based on a structured interview with a clear prepared set of questions. In addition, an extremely important issue, which Jennifer Gaston did not include in the selection process, is the analysis of the reliability of the selection methods and their results to ensure a clear assessment of the potential performance of DeCarlo making the right final decision of hiring or rejecting.
To conclude, due to time pressure many important steps in a selection process such as the development of clear job responsibilities, the right assessment of key personality traits, and the reliability and validity test were not included

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