Ppl10 Assignments For Students

PPL1O Grade 9 Phys. Ed Sexuality Assignment 2014

Day 1: (in the library)

You will work independently to research a topic related to Sexuality. Please refer to the assignment sheet below for expectations and a topic list:

The resources you will use for today are:


Please see the following handout for a copy of your homework instructions. This must be completed before arriving on day 2.


Day 2: (in the library)

You will work independently gathering information about your topic for the page you will create for the Healthy Living at Haig Magazine.

Record all information using the Pathfinder and Note-taker Worksheet. Be sure to make a copy of this in your Google Drive. After clicking on the link below, sign in on the top right-hand side using your student number and password. Once signed in, click file and make a copy.


Day 3: (in the library)

Create your magazine page.  Be sure to check the MUST HAVESto make sure your magazine page has everything it needs.

Use Image Questto find images related to your topic.  Don’t forget to cite these photographs also.

Optional: Use Microsoft Publisher templates when designing your Magazine page.


If you are asked to submit to the “Student Share” folder, there are two ways to do so.  Check out our Research tab at the top and select “AW Drop off folder“.

Please take a moment to fill out this survey at the end of each lesson.


Rothwell-Osnabruck School

Upper Canada District School Board


Course: Health & Physical Education, Gr. 9/10

Credit Value: 1 credit

Date: September 2012This course was designed in accordance with the Ontario Curriculum Policy Documenthttp://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/curriculum/secondary/

Teacher: C. Tinkess

Program Leader: J. GraysonPrincipal: S. RuttersCOURSE DESCRIPTION

This course emphasizes regular participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that promotelifelong healthy active living. Students will learn movement skills and principles, ways to improvepersonal fitness and physical competence, and safety and injury prevention. They will investigate issuesrelated to healthy sexuality and the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and willparticipate in activities designed to develop goal-setting, communication, and social skills.


Physical Activity 


Demonstrate personal competence in applying movement skills andprinciples-

Demonstrate knowledge of guidelines and strategies that enhanceparticipation in recreation and sport activities

 Active Living


Participate regularly in a balanced instructional program thatincludes a wide variety of enjoyable physical activities thatencourage lifelong participation-

Demonstrate improvement in personal health-related physicalfitness-

Demonstrate safe practices regarding the safety of themselves andothers

Healthy Living


Identify the factors that contribute to positive relationships withothers-

Explain the consequences of sexual decisions on the individual,family, and community-

Demonstrate personal strategies to deal effectively with the socialinfluences that contribute to the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco,and other drugs-

Identify strategies to minimize potentially dangerous situations

Living Skills


Use appropriate decision-making skills to achieve goals related topersonal health-

Explain the effectiveness of various conflict resolution processes indaily situations-

Use appropriate social skills when working collaboratively withothers

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