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Accounting cover letter example

This example cover letter for accountants is strong because it sticks to cover letter best practice. It is less than a page and within the optimum word limit. The details are correct and titles specific, which indicates that this candidate has done their research and checked their facts. The most impressive skills and experience from the candidate’s resume have been included, without the document having been simply repeated.

This cover letter is also strong because it exhibits personality, ambition and passion. The candidate has detailed why he wants to work at this company, and why he is best suited for the role. The format is neat, with each idea or point broken into its own short paragraph. The sign off is courteous and the employer is thanked for his time. The candidate’s personal details are available in full and easy to read should the employer want to contact the candidate.

The way in which you write and communicate key messages in your accounting cover letter is just as important as the actual experience and content you include, so make sure yours is suitably formatted, neat and easy to read for every role you apply for.

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Entry Level Accounting | Sample Cover Letter 4

When applying for an Accounting job, be sure to include a tailored cover letter with your resume. If you are not sure what to write, review this Accounting sample cover letter for ideas.

John Doe
1234 Broad Street
Small Town, IL 23456

January 1, 2009

Joe Smith
Human Resources Manager
Restaurant Company
123 South Beach Rd.
Miami, FL 12345

Dear Mr. Smith –

I am writing to apply for an entry level position with your company in the Accounting/Business area. My experience in accounting and the additional skills that I have obtained will make me an asset to your team. I have strong experience in payroll administration, accounts payable, journal entries, and contracts administration. I am thrilled to know that your industries work is related to my interests.

As indicated in my resume, I have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Big State University. During the last three years, I have had the opportunity to work in many areas of accounting, and I really believe that this experience has prepared me for the industry.

I am very interested in an opportunity and would enjoy meeting you to discuss possible positions. I believe that my previous experiences will make me an asset to your company.


John Doe

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