Soas Essay Submission Guidelines


March Issue, 2018: ‘Abstraction and Alienation’

Please note that all submissions should be typed in Times New Roman and sent to the editorial e-mail in Word format. Please include a cover page where the author’s (a) full name, (b) contact information and (c) degree is specified. However do note that contact details and the author’s name should not appear in the paper itself to allow for a blind review by the editors.


  • Submissions to this category must correspond with the specified theme.
  • Submitted essays must be an original, previously unpublished work.
  • There is no word limit for the submitted essays.
  • All work submitted to the journal must be sent with a brief summary of the essay in which the author clearly outlines their main ideas.

Alternative Formats

  • Submissions to this category do not necessarily need to adhere to the specified theme. They can address any philosophical issues and/or tradition of philosophies.
  • Submissions must be an original, previously unpublished work.
  • Short philosophical enquiries can be presented in a wide variety of forms, for instance but not limited to; poetical verses, aphorisms and short prose.Examples of works that fit into this category are Nietzsche’s aphorisms from The Gay Science, Mevlana’s poetical verses from the Mesnawi, short poems from Omar Khayyam’s Rubayats, Khalil Gibran’s short prose in The Prophet andSarah Kane’s drama Pyschosis 4:48.
  • There is no word limit for work submitted to this category.
  • Works could be submitted either individually or as a collection.


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Key Papers on Korea: Essays Celebrating 25 Years of the Centre of Korean Studies, SOAS, University of London

Key Papers on Korea is a commemorative collection of papers celebrating 25 years of the Centre of Korean Studies (CKS), SOAS, University of London that have been written by senior academics and emerging scholars. The subjects covered in this collection reflect the different research interests and different strengths of the CKS and include historical perceptions of ancient kingdoms in Manchuria, North Korean propaganda literature, the problematic history of Sino-North Korean borderlands, the millenarian aspects of Won Buddhism, and the importance of the years 1910-11 in the development of Korean music. The collection is framed by two pieces on SOAS, which have been commissioned exclusively for this publication: an introduction that examines the 60-year history of Korean studies at SOAS, and a closing paper that sheds light on the rare collections of Korean art held at SOAS.
Publication Date:
28 November 2013

    Biographical Note

    Andrew David Jackson, Ph.D. (2011), SOAS, University of London, is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at that university. He has published articles on premodern Korean history and South Korean cinema, and edited a collection on East Asian Cinema.

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