Argumentative Essay About Rh Bill In The Philippines

The RH bill would cause much higher prices of commodities and health care products in the Philippines because of the fact that businesses and hospitals would be compelled to offset the RH care expenses that they are going to pay for their workers. This bill is not good for everybody, as it would create a wave of economic regulations and controls. This might also cause the government to issue price controls and other regulatory edicts so to prevent companies and even hospitals from raising the prices of their products and services!

“Let there be no misunderstanding about me. If it is now the belief of my fellow men, who call themselves the public, that their good requiresvictims, then I say: The public good be damned, I will have no part of it!” | “The Moral Meaning of Capitalism,” For the New Intellectual, 98….

Health care is not a right! We’re not born with a right to a ride in Enchanted Kingdom. We are not born with a right to enslave other people by coercing them to contribute something for the benefit of the majority. We don’t live—and we’re so lucky that we don’t!—in a statist or socialist society, where a so-called presidium has the monopoly on all social, economic and political powers, including the authority to allegedly provide all the needs of all its communal members, be it health care, education, housing and other basic necessities. I do believe that this “man-is-his-brother’s-keeper” scheme is impractical and evil at best. No, we cannot contradict reality. This bill is just the beginning of the statist plan of some politicians in Congress. It is the creepy, evil face of the socialist tendencies of our politicians not only in the legislature, but also in other parts of public governance. One of the greatest fallacies ever invented to corrupt man’s mind is the distortion of the concept of “right!” That which you passionately call or claim as “right” means the “right” by, for, and of the socialists or the communists. There’s a big difference between a right and a privilege. A right is one that is incumbent upon an individual since birth. You have the right to exist, but you don’t have the right to command your neighbor to feed you. You have the right to education, but you cannot demand that you be spared from school fees to obtain a degree. You have the right to medical services, but you can’t tell the doctor, who spent a lot of money and years of his/her life studying medicine, to treat you for free. The proper concept of “right” means the right of every individual to choose and to reject self-destruction. Such a right cannot extend to enslave your neighbor. It simply means a right to choose or not to choose.

This is for all pro-RH bill fanatics who can’t just comprehend the very simple fact that one needs to read my blogs to understand that SECULAR ARGUMENTS are the best defense against the statist RH Bill: I DON’T SHARE THE CATHOLIC VIEW ON THIS ISSUE. If you still insist that the only argument against this bill is built on religious views, then YOU’RE A BUNCH OF IGNORAMUSES!

And to some educated idiots out there, my view is NOT the same as the Republican Party’s view (in fact America’s Republican Party has its own version of universal health care, which I completely oppose.) My arguments are purely built on the premise that the RH bill or any statist legislative proposals (e.g., universal health care, antitrust law) runs counter to our individual rights and the concept of the free market system! If you still don’t get this, then better undergo some reeducation process.

Now I’d like you to watch and understand the two videos below. It’s crucial message is health care- or reproductive health care, for that matter- is NOT a right! The only thing that I disagree with is the statement that a right comes from God. I believe that a right comes from our humanity or human nature.



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Why RP’s Welfare State is Both Intellectually and Economically Bankrupt

Balisacan and many other UP economists argue that for our country to reach demographic transition, our government must adopt aggressive population control. These people are not economists; they’re quackonomists. It is people like them that help destroy the concept of economics. They observed that rich and developed countries have low population or that their fertility rates are below the replacement rate of 2.1, then, they crudely concluded that economic growth follows population decline. That for the Philippines to achieve economic growth, all it needs to do is actively control population by throwing money at the alleged ‘overpopulation’ problem.

GMA News’ Pro-RH Law Semantic Propaganda

Remember that like Thailand, the Philippines also started its own pop control program during the rule of Marcos. And since the Marcosian era, our government has been allocating budget for contraceptives and population management/control programs. Do not forget the Population Commission that gets its yearly budget is still part of our government. Also, remember that Aquino had allocated over 30 billion pesos on RH services prior to the passage of the RH law. This means this country has an active population control policies long before the passage of the RH law.

RH Law Means Money, Money, Money Plus Corruption

Healthcare is just like any other consumer products available in the market. Its price is determined by market forces. Its practitioners are engaged in the provision of services, just like any practitioners in other industries. It is subject to the principles of market competition, laws of supply and demand and other reality-based economic laws. If the government is serious enough to make health services accessible, affordable and of better quality, then, it only has to adopt and implement proper free market reforms and reality based economic policies and principles. That is, by encouraging and guaranteeing free market competition and allowing foreign investors and foreign talents (doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals) to be part of our Team. But this remains impossible without revising first our protectionist, semi-socialist charter.

RH Law and RP’s Economic Prison

You should ask yourself, Mr. Lawyer: Why are some Asian countries that do not impose protectionism (or our version of protectionism and regulations) more progressive than us? Why are countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea– which have a higher degree of economic freedom and less restrictive economic policies– adopting PRO-NATALIST POLICIES to increase their fertility rates instead of population control programs?

Why Opponents of the RH Law Should Boycott Inquirer

Yet what is disturbing is that the government has been blatantly exploiting poverty in the Philippines. It has been taking poverty as an absolute excuse to expand its welfare powers and violate the “natural”, innate rights of others. However, what is more disturbing is how the people foolishly rejoiced in their loss of rights and freedom.

Top Ten Reasons Why RH Law is Unconstitutional

The RH law is unconstitutional, invalid, immoral and evil because it violates individual rights. This is the only reason why we must all oppose the law. It is not evil because it’s against the Catholic doctrines. It is evil because it against- and contradicts- rights. This is why I’ve argued repeatedly in the past that the proper concept of rights is what is at stake in the RH bill debate. This is because the RH law, which allegedly seeks to promote women’s rights, according to lawyers Miriam Defensor Santiago and Pia Cayetano and their ilk, simply bastardizes the real essence of rights.

What About Leave No Poor Filipino Behind, Miriam?

Not adopting the right economic policies- policies that will bring real economic wealth to this nation without resorting to unsustainable borrowings and taxation- is cruelty to the poor. The poor are miserable because they can’t find jobs. And we are poor because, unlike some of our Asian neighbors that adopted free market reforms two decades ago, our government stubbornly strives to maintain our welfare state, protectionism and regulatory, socialistic policies.

Did Anti-RH Bishop Garcera Actually Use the Word “Overpopulation”?

Now, all I can say is, the writer– and every pro-RH law opinion writer in these parts– should know the proper concept of “overpopulation”. When one talks about the advantage of a big population (most free market economists do this), that doesn’t mean he’s in favor of overpopulation, because the word/term cannot be objectively defined. “Overpopulation” has become a political term. It has no objective, clear meaning.

Aquino Regime’s Accomplishments: RH, Welfare Funds on Steroids, Higher Debt, More Taxes, Blame-Arroyo

If you supported or fought for the RH bill, the Conditional Cash Transfer program and  the universal healthcare program, then you don’t have a right at all to complain. By simply supporting these welfare programs, that means you have given the government more power to contract more foreign debt in your name.

RH Scam and the PH Government’s 21st Century Plantation

The government has to use force/compulsion against certain people/sectors, such as employers and healthcare providers. Yes, the government promises to serve the welfare of the poor at the expense of employers and doctors. To provide RH services to its intended beneficiaries, the government has to violate/negate religious (or Catholic or protestant) hospitals’ and religious people’s freedom of conscience and of religion. See? This means that those who passed and supported the bill somehow knew (but many of them are too ignorant to understand this self-evident truth) that there’s no such thing as “free” RH care or services. That the government had to use force against those who make wealth and services possible: employers and healthcare providers.

PNoy Signs RH Bill Into Law: A Faux Victory for Little Tyrants

There is no such thing as a Santa Claus government. In the real world, Santa Claus doesn’t use force– he doesn’t steal– in order to make children happy. The message of Santa Claus is voluntary, uncoerced gift-giving. In this welfare state, the government has to employ legal force against employers and healthcare providers to provide RH services to those who need them. Indeed, what we have is an inverted Robinhood government that steals from the innocent to help the poor.

Why It’s Impossible to Defeat the RH Bill

Those who reject the RH bill are currently engaged in an unwinnable war. They can only delay the passage of the measure (perhaps for a couple of years), but they can never defeat it. The truth is, the system supports every welfare measure our leftist or statist lawmakers can think of. In fact, they can even pass a law that would regulate or force building or real estate companies into lowering the prices of their housing or building products to serve the welfare of the poor. They can even pass a universal healthcare measure that would force all doctors and healthcare providers to follow certain government-mandated guidelines or to render a very extensive pro bono services in the name of the greater good.

Pia Cayetano: ‘Let ‘Em Have Pleasurable Sex’

Are they trying to legislate Filipino women’s vagina or people’s ‘sexual positions’? LOL!

If women want enjoyable, pleasurable sexual positions, all they need is good internet connection, not a stupid law! Google it, bitches!

When UAAP Meets the RH Bill: It Means More Than ‘Academic’ Tension!

Should the government force/coerce a person to support things or programs that he/she considers to be against his conscience or belief? The answer should be NO. If pro-RH bill politicians argue their proposal is all about a poor woman’s ‘freedom of choice’, what about the freedom of choice and rights of catholic and atheist doctors? Focus on that issue and we’ll WIN this debate!

When YELLOW is the New RED: Filipinos Protest Versus Aquino Regime’s E-Martial Law

It’s very ironic that we now see a lot of RH bill supporters who denounce the Cybercrime law as a ‘totalitarian’ political measure. It’s all about e-Martial rule, they say. Perhaps they naively think that only measures that restrict or violate people’s freedom of expression can be considered ‘totalitarian’ or ‘fascistic’, but not political measures that seek to help the poor by sacrificing or immolating some members of our failing society.

Singapore’s PM Lee Hsien Loong to PH’s Malthusian Economists and Intellectuals: ‘You Got it All Wrong, Stupid!’

But here’s one thing that many UP economists and intellectuals do not understand. Singapore, which is the world’s freest economy, started its free market reforms with “very minimal welfare”. It did not achieve economic growth by curbing its population, as what many UP economists and intellectuals like Balisacan have repeatedly argued to support/defend their neo-Malthusian, highly mediocre, anti-intellectual politico-economic policies.

The Utter Hypocrisy of the Pro-RH Bill Fascists

Suppose I successfully lobbied Congress to force you to purchase contraceptive devices for me. Is that an example of me exercising my rightful control over my own body? And if you peaceably refused to buy contraceptive devices for me, would that mean you’re some bigot violating my ownership over my own body?

In Defense of the Troublesome, Meddlesome Catholic Church

Some people in this country whom I call “statists” or “collectivists” presume that a collective, such as the Catholic Church or the CBCP, is, in fact, a living, breathing, thinking, and acting entity. A collective has no right, because rights only pertain to living and thinking entities or to human beings. Only an individual has rights. Only the individual can have the capacity to think, act, and pursue certain goal-direction actions. That is, he is the only source of all human action.

The Catholic Priests have a Right to Influence the Government!

What do you think you pro-RH people are doing? Are you not trying to influence the government? Anybody or any group in this country has the right to influence their respective congressman or solon to pass a bill that would say, protect their rights or interests. What is prohibited is when a group of individuals employs the use of force, fraud, or  illegal machination (like bribery or the use of indecent favor) to get what it wants. If you think that the Catholic priests have violated any of our laws, then why not lodge a complaint or a case against them?

How to Spot a Pro-RH Bill Moron

A pro-RH bill moron is a moron for not knowing the correct facts, for making utterly flawed arguments, and for making a fool of himself. A pro-RH bill moron can be dishonest as well. That is, it is possible that he knows his arguments to be utterly fallacious and non-factual, and that his intention is simply to ‘win’ an argument by fooling his opponent. But you cannot fool anyone by deliberately presenting fallacious arguments. The real victim here is none other than your ‘self’.

Sotto is Right, ‘Overpopulation’ in PH is a MYTH!

But there is no correlation between economic growth and poverty reduction, or between overpopulation and poverty. Such an alleged correlation is a fallacy. But there exists a correlation between poverty and repressive economic policies, as shown by the ranking of Doing Business and Economic Freedom Index. For instance, top ten countries with the highest fertility rate are Niger, Uganda, Mali, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Ethiopia, and Republic of Congo. What do these countries have in common? They’re all poor. But why are they so poor? They’re poor because of their failed, repressive economic policies.

Fr. Bernas’ Egregious, Sanctimonious Misunderstanding

Then Bernas concluded: “a Catholic university is not just an institute for teaching catechism…” First, the Pope explicitly said: “Catholic university or college must make a specific contribution to the Church and to society through high quality scientific research…” He also said: “the Catholic university or college must train young men and women of outstanding knowledge…” The Pope NEVER said anything about COMPROMISING the Catholic doctrines, beliefs, or dogmas.

Fr. Bernas: More of a Pro-RH Statist than Religionist

Did he ever forget, or did it ever occur to him, that freedom of religion is a limitation on government authority to prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion? Of course it means that every individual is free to act or not to act according to his faith/belief. His concluding remark is even more alarming. What did Bernas say? That the state should not prevent people from responsible parenthood?! Since when did the state ever prevent the people from practicing family planning? Where did he get the idea that the state is preventing parents from being ‘responsible’? Or: is he trying to say that by not funding contraceptives, the state is in effect depriving people of their alleged right to family planning or “responsible parenthood”? What Bernas said is utterly illogical and irrational. Is he trying to say that if the State is not funding people’s access to government services, that is tantamount to depriving the latter of their right to such services? Holy cow!

To NEDA Chief Balisacan: Demographic Transition Follows Economic Growth, Not the Other Way Around

The case of Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other developed nations shows that governments don’t need to adopt aggressive population control policy to secure economic growth. This is because demographic transition is merely the result of a nation’s economic success. In other words, demographic transition FOLLOWS economic growth, and this is what Malthusian intellectuals like Balisacan fail to see.

RH Bill: A Marxist, Politically Correct Policy

The RH bill is no doubt a Marxist policy. Many decades ago in Germany, the Frankfurt School, a term informally used to describe Marxist thinkers affiliated with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, worked to conceive and popularize new theories and concepts designed to cripple people’s, particularly young people’s, minds. Some of these anti-reason concepts include POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, CRITICAL THEORY, and SEXUAL EDUCATION.

A Heated Conversation With a Population Control Freak: The Main Cause of Pop Growth are Repressive Economic Policies!

Here’s my observation of those who rely on the fallacy that there’s a correlation between poverty and population to defend the infamous RH bill. They cannot honestly tell what’s the ideal fertility rate for the Philippines. This is a fact. The country’s fertility rate has been steadily declining in recent years, but the pro-RH camp is apparently trying to ignore this very basic fact. It appears that they want a sudden drop in our fertility and growth rates. For example, the question that NEDA chief Arsenio Balisacan deliberately tried to dodge is: “What’s the ideal fertility rate for the country?”This question was posed by Sen. Enrile. Balisacan did not respond directly to the question. Instead he mentioned the UN’s replacement rate of 2.1. By the way, did the UN actually give that figure? I didn’t actually try to find out…

RH Bill Deception: Congress Retains Punitive Provisions Vs Employers, ‘Malicious Disinformation’

It turns out that President Aquino is willing to appease the Catholic Church just to guarantee the passage of the controversial Reproductive Health bill. The President and his minions in Congress were willing to delete and modify some of the proposal’s ‘religiously controversial provisions’ to guarantee the “universal basic human right to reproductive health by all persons”. However, there are certain aspects that our neo-Malthusian politicians would like to retain: the punitive provisions against employers and acts constituting ‘malicious disinformation’.

The RH Bill’s LATEST Version: A Must-Read!

For those who value individual rights and freedom, they have a life-long responsibility to read, analyze and understand the welfare and economic policies of their government. This is because common sense tells us that in the highly confusing, complicated field of politics, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

UP Economists’ RH Paper = Emotionalism Plus Anti-Intellectualism

The Philippines is poor because of its protectionism, regulations and failed welfare and economic policies that discourage both local and foreign investors. It is poor because of our high level of corruption due to our highly intrusive political system. A number of Asian nations achieved economic growth, not by curbing their population, but by adopting sound free market economic policies. The only key to economic growth is economic freedom or liberalization, not population control policy. For instance, Japan, which has one of the highest populations in the world, is so much worried about its fast declining and aging population that it adopted drastic, aggressive measures to increase population growth.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s RH Bill Illogic

The idea that the government should provide, guarantee or promote people’s right to a good/accessible education, adequate medical care, RH services, housing, employment, etc. is so evil and immoral because— 1) the government is not a productive agency and that it only relies on taxation to defray its expenses; 2) the government has to use state force against certain social sectors in order to help or provide the needs of some beneficiary sectors; 3) it destroys economic and individual freedom; and 4) it destroys the true concept of justice.

PNoy’s Malthusian/Marxist Economist: ‘PH must manage its population and decrease its dependency rates’

Overpopulation is actually the best scapegoat that our corrupt, power-hungry politicians and their incompetent, anti-intellectual economic appointees could use to conceal, bury the simple fact that it’s the government’s protectionism, unsound/failed welfare and economic policies, and corruption that keep this country poor and impoverished. Instead of adopting free market reforms (but first our constitution needs to be revised or amended) to encourage both local and foreign investments, the President’s Marxist-Malthusian economic czar believes that the solution to our poverty problem is population control. This Marxist idea simply suggests the following corollaries:

Filipino People Need Jobs, Not RH!

The best contraceptive method is more jobs. But to achieve high employment rate, our government needs to do the exact opposite of what it’s doing today. It has to deregulate, adopt free market reforms, lower tax rates, and limit its scope of powers, which is the best way to fight corruption in the public sector. A question to RH bill supporters: Isn’t more practical for our government to focus more on sound economic policies?

Filipino Freefarting Hippies for Palamunin Culture

The freefarting protesters also held a banner that read: “PNoy, kung nabubuntis ka, ang RH batas na (PNoy, if you could get pregnant, RH would be a law by now).”

If I were PNoy, I’d tell these stupid parasites: “Don’t get preggy, stupid!” If you can’t afford to raise a child, then, don’t even think of having sex! It’s as simple as that. Plus, you can always buy a pack of condom almost anywhere.

To RH Bill Sluts: Pay for Your Birth Control!

In the United StatesRush Limbaugh, a popular conservative talk show host, called a pro-contraception freeloading Georgetown University law student a “slut” for advocating that the federal government- or the American taxpayers- should pay for people’s birth control.

I believe Limbaugh did the right thing, by calling the 30-year-old liberal law student “a slut”. The conservative talk show host said…

Rights Versus Entitlements

As to the controversial RH bill issue, RH care is not a right; it is an entitlement. To claim that millions of people are denied of their alleged right to RH care and services in this country is to shamelessly assume that certain group of individuals must be sacrificed in the name of the greater good. What the RH proponents and supporters are trying to say is that if you don’t have something (e.g., food, education, medicine, health care, housing, etc.), you must have been deprived of your right. Such kind of mentality merely proves that the country’s welfare statists are intellectually bankrupt and too clueless to understand that they are, in reality, anti-rights and anti-freedom. Rights do not require public immolation or any kind or form of sacrifice. Entitlements do.

Full Text of Senate Bill No. 2378

Full Text of Reproductive Health Act of 2011 (S.B. No. 2865)

What Kind of “Rights” and “Choices” are You Talking About, Sen. Cayetano?

Ironically, Sen. Pia Cayetano seeks to brandish herself as a champion of RH rights and of secularism yet she’s miserably unaware that she supports a bill that is violative of some people’s rights and freedom of conscience and of religion. Indeed, this welfarist Senator is neither an advocate of rights and freedom nor a supporter of secularism, as she supports the sacrifice of some group of individuals in order to serve the welfare of the bill’s intended beneficiaries.

Arguing With Pro-RH bill Idiots on Facebook

That’s exactly what a neo-Malthusian mentality is all about. Malthus wrote his thesis at a time when the life-saving, productive, innovative technologies… that we use today were beyond man’s and Malthus’s imagination. Such a premise- that it’d be better if fewer people vied for same resources- is utterly anti-economics, and that it presumes that someone, some group of elite people or some entity has to decimate population or control its growth. By the way, “what same resources” are you talking about? That presumes that all the things we use today are the only resources available on earth. Who knows in the near future the next generation would discover new technologies that generate cheaper electricity- new ways and cheaper methods to build structures, apartments and buildings- new machines to turn trash into useful materials- new agricultural technologies to produce more crops and meat products- new machines, innovative technologies and ideas?

The RH Bill ‘Miracles’

Suddenly, taxation became a hit thing. The RH bill did a miracle by making thousands- if not millions- of people accept the goodness and beauty of taxation. The Filipino Freefarters (freethinkers) say, “Taxes for RH: Public Funding for a Public Good” (just google it). So let’s just learn to embrace and love more taxes and higher tax rates because taxation for public good is after all a good thing. Yeah right!

Ateneo must FIRE its Pro-RH bill Professors!

“I believe the school has the right to FIRE THEM. If you own a school or a university, would you like to hire or retain teachers/professors who preach or teach ideas that are opposite to yours? Of course, we have a socialist labor code that protects the so-called “employment tenure” of these idiotic professors, but Ateneo can always argue its case in court. ATENEO SHOULD FIRE THESE STUPID PROFESSORS…”

To Altruistic RH Bill Supporters: You Got What You’ve Asked For!

Like I said before, everything will come from us, taxpayers! The government has no money. It is not a productive agency. The government is the worst parasite in this country. It can only achieve its stated welfare state goals by stealing wealth from the productive and successful. Is this difficult to understand?Like U.S. President Gerald Ford said: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”To pro-RH bill people let me say this: YOU WON! You asked for all of this, brothers.

Why Expose the RH Bill’s ‘Trojan Horse Socialism’

First off, let me tell my readers why I kept on posting my online, public conversations/dialogues with some Reproductive Health bill supporters. One of the reasons why most anti-RH bill advocates can’t properly debate or argue with the modern-day Filipino statists is because of the latters’ attempt to obfuscate and to confuse this ongoing controversial public debate. It’s not the passion of the RH bill statists but the confusion of most of the measure’s avowed enemies that is bringing this country to a ‘legislated’ disaster. We have to confront the enemies of freedom, and by confronting them we have to identify that which motivates them- why do they believe in weird, anti-reality things and what fires them up.

If UP, Ateneo Profs Really Read the RH Bill Yet Still Support It, Then They’re A Bunch of IDIOTS!

First, let me tell my reader that I’ve written a number of blog articles to expose the evils of the RH bill. There’s a need to dissect the contents of the RH bill, which covers a number of issues, namely, philosophy, economics, politics, ethics, the law, and religion. However, based on my observation, most of the bill’s fanatic supporters simply focused their arguments on the alleged humanitarian side of the measure. They believe that our statist politicians should pass the bill because it was designed to help the poor and the marginalized. If humanitarianism is about helping the needy by sacrificing some group of people, then I say, down with humanitarianism!

Social Reproductivist Buddy Cunanan Just Got Pwned!

In a previous blog, I dealt with Mr. Cunanan’s columns, exposing his ignorance or lack of proper understanding of the basic concepts of the separation principle and secularism. I just learned that he promised to “debunk” my arguments “point by point”. I’ll definitely wait for that. However, I just hope that he won’t resort to misrepresentation and context-dropping. This is what most of my critics did. They simply resorted to context-dropping, which is a form of intellectual evasion. Context-dropping can be committed by tearing an idea or argument from its context and treat it as though it were independent so to invalidate the thought process involved. Once this act of intellectual evasion is detected, that means your arguments will not be valid no matter how you say it or rationalize it.

Pro-RH Bill Buddy Cunanan’s Cosmic Display of Ignorance

My problem with Mr. Cunanan’s pathetic piece is that he has a very sophomoric, shallow, and illogical understanding of the principle of separation of church and state. He wrote: “Unfortunately, the Church has just gone too far. For instance, emblazoned on the façade of the Manila Cathedral are two very big signs that read “Do we need the RH Bill? No!”. I have traveled extensively all over the Catholic world and this is the first time I have ever seen such a direct and barefaced manifestation of the Church’s interference in state affairs. What is even more shocking and alarming is that thousands of people pass in front of the Manila Cathedral everyday, yet no one seems to have noticed this or complained about it.” REALLY! Does that constitute the Church’s attempt to violate the separation clause?

Philippine Medical Association’s Pro-RH Bill Suicide Note

I wasn’t surprised to know the self-sacrificing position of the PMA in regard to this divisive issue considering the fact that they are  “in a dedicated selfless and humane service of the Medical Profession for a healthy Philippines and for the Glory of God.” They are selfless health care providers so their aim is to sacrifice their lives and profession to public service and for the glory of God. However, I see glaring, disturbing contradictions in the way they understand the nature and concept of their “rights.” They declare that “the rights of physicians to do what is best medically for their patients, the right to informed choice of the people, the freedom of religion, the right of the people to health services and proper health education shall be respected and emphasized at all times and no censure or penalty of whatever kind or nature shall be imposed on the exercise of said rights.”

I’m an Atheist and I Oppose the Fascist RH Bill

My life belongs to me. Your life belongs to you, and not to the state or to your neighbor. The life of every employer or doctor absolutely, exclusively belongs to him/her. Thus, no one has the right to force or to enslave anyone in this country in the name of anybody or any unknowable entity they call state. No one has the right to force any employer simply because he employs people or he earns more. If that employer goes bankrupt, he and he alone would bear and suffer the consequences of his actions.  However, the country’s statists claim that any business or profitable company, which went through years of struggle, automatically becomes part of public domain, by law or by public consensus, simply because it makes money and employs people who are entitled to RH services.

Freethinkers are Post-Modern Progressives, Social Reproductivists, Statists

Philosophically and philologically speaking, the term “freethinking” is a good example of floating abstraction. A floating abstraction is any concept detached from existents. It is a concept that people merely take for granted and accept as a species of truth and fact without knowing what specific units the concept denotes. In reality, you really don’t know what the term “freethinker” means, its nature, its scope, its validity. You accepted it yet you don’t know it. To know something is to see its connection to reality and its relationship to the rest of your knowledge. A floating abstraction is a concept or idea which is, in your mind, cut off from reality, i.e., which you have not reduced to its referents. It stands in your mind as a string of words disconnected from concretes. So, for example, if you say, “A unit is an existent regarded as a separate member of a group of two or more similar members,” and then I ask you for an example, and you shrug, the concept “unit” is – for you – a floating abstraction.

Social Reproductivism: The New Religion of, by, for the Pro-RH Bill Faithful

I call it Newton’s apple. I never thought that in just a few seconds, I’d be able to fully understand the kind of mentality of most pro-Reproductive Health mob after skimming through a Facebook comment that served as my surgical key to the brain of the country’s post-modern statists. It only took a few seconds to dissect what the hell is wrong with these pro-RH bill fanatics. Then I came to a conclusion that these people, particularly those who consciously and strongly support the measure, have maintained the tribal mentality. Believe it or not, the RH bill has become a new religion. I call this post-modern faith Social Reproductivism.

Killing RP’s Industry and Small Business with the RH Bill

It is very much unfortunate, disappointing and alarming that nobody in the mainstream media talks about the negative, unintended consequences of the fascist Reproductive Health bill, now euphemistically called Responsible Parenthood bill, on the country’s business sector, particularly small businesses.

The Most Needed Victims of the RH Bill: Businessmen and Doctors

Our government planners know very well how to pass every intrusive, rights-violating political measure intended to allegedly serve the public. Consider the curious case of the Reproductive Health bill, now euphemistically named Responsible Parenthood bill, concocted by some leftists and statists in Congress. Instead of talking of how they would provide public goods and welfare to the poor, these statist politicians prattle on about how their altruistic measure would help the poor, inferior women, and anyone who doesn’t have the mental or physical capability to improve his/her life on earth. In short, they talk about nice-to-hear terms and phrases like equality, social justice, freedom of choice (as if we don’t have freedom of choice in these parts), overpopulation, extreme poverty, social inequality, the tragic rate of unwanted pregnancies, the sorry fate of women, among many others.

Ateneo School of Medicine’s Self-Immolating, Self-destructive Letter in Support of the RH Bill

In their letter of support, they quoted a constitutional provision, which states that the “The State shall protect and promote the right to health of the people and instill health consciousness among them.” They should have asked: At whose expense? At the expense of productive employers, health-care providers and taxpayers.

The Evils of RH bill and Universal Health Care

My main problem with the pro-RH bill idiots is that they simply talk about the alleged welfare of the poor and women– the 2.5 million women who would be benefited by the bill, the 44 percent rate of unwanted pregnancies, among others– without trying to understand the bill’s consequences on their rights, freedom, and future, and on the entire economy.

Are You Ready for Higher, More Taxes?

We now witness an era of heightened progressivism in the Philippines, with the introduction by our statist/leftist politicians of a number of political measures allegedly designed to help the poor, address overpopulation problem and inequality, alleviate poverty, and provide everyone, especially the less privileged, free education, health care, housing, transport, RH care, among other welfare state boons.

What’s the Difference Between the New UP Prexy and the RH Bill Solons?

Is there any difference- or similarity- between the social programs of the newly elected University of the Philippines president Alfredo Pascual and of the fascist lawmakers who strongly push for the passage of the Reproductive Health bill now known as  the Responsible Parenthood bill? The answer is YES on both aspects. The two parties have both major similarities- and they have ONE big difference.

Responsible Parenthood Bill: A Fascist Legislation by Another Name

The neo-fascist and nanny state proponents in Congress, particularly at the Committee on Population and the Committee on Appropriations, have approved the controversial Reproductive Health Bill via an Orwellian tactic. The divisive bill, which is now known as Responsible Parenthood bill, has got the nod of 20 neo-fascists against only three opponents at the Committee on Appropriations.

A Friendly Letter to All Pro-RH Bill Freaks

I read a very interesting online news about RH bill supporters giving away free condoms before or during Valentine’s day. Good job then, RH bill crack-heads! We, secular anti-RH bill people, fully support your altruistic- or charitable- move. In fact, what you did is very much commendable. However, we do not support your call to make the government the provider of people’s RH care needs- or to call on the government to violate the latter’s rights by forcing them to provide the RH care needs of their workers against their will for this is a violation of the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law.

RH Bill Supporters’ Strawman Attacks

No one is trying to ban the use of condom or any other type of contraception, idiots! The alleged proposal to ban the use of contraception will NEVER succeed because that would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL… Buy your own condom and don’t ever ask for freebies, PARASITES!

Here’s Why Most Pro-Population Control Advocates Didn’t Actually Read the RH Bill

These new “isms”— environmentalism, feminism, pacifism, global warming alarmism, etc.— are part and parcel of the New Left. In the Philippines, those part of the New Left movement— who do not actually call themselves “Marxists” or “Communists”— are the RH bill supporters, Filipino Freethinkers (who are ardent supporters of population and government control), environmentalists, feminists, judicial activists (like former chief justice Reynato S. Puno who believes that the people have a right to demand the free delivery of education, health care and other welfare programs from the government), and all pro-welfare program advocates.

Collective Ignorance: The Root of Dictatorship and Economic Chaos

The people who are stupidly, ignorantly unaware of their own contradictions are the ones who are pushing this nation to political and economic disaster. It is very ironic that people like Tet Gallardo whine about oligarchy or the so-called cartels and monopolies, yet it is government intervention and controls, which they have been clamoring for, that caused and are causing the rise of the oligarchs and government-backed cartels and monopolies.

An Online Debate with an Ignoramus Filipino Statist: On RH Bill and the “Myth” of Capitalism

A Facebook friend posted my blog entitled RH Bill’s Fallacy of Overpopulation-Poverty Connection on his Facebook wall wherein someone reacted with the following comment:

“it was never about population, at least for us women, it has always been about choice; basically the choice that if men can’t be told not to stick it in, then we can still choose whether to bear their spawn or not.”

RH Bill’s Fallacy of Overpopulation-Poverty Link

It is true that population is increasing, but I don’t believe it can be legislated. It appears that the main reason of the bill’s supporters is theunfounded fear that overpopulation is somewhat linked to poverty. This contention is debatable and the burden of proof rests upon those who claim that overpopulation is the problem. It is wrong to totally attribute poverty to overpopulation, considering that fact that there are even worse social problems confronting this country, like corruption, people’s stupidity and faith-based fanaticism, and most especially massive government intervention.

The Clash Between Two Evils: Anti-contraception theocrats vs. Anti-rights Fascists

The only proper way to counter this activist group is to engage in intellectual debate and discussion (through blogs, discussion, online campaign, etc.) We are all engaged in a battle of ideas. Since this issue- and every issue, I must say- is both intellectual and ideological, the opposing party must have enough intellectual ammunition in order to expose what’s wrong with the ideas, beliefs and motives of this anti-contraception activist group.

Welfare State: The Evil Agenda Behind the RH Bill

My anti-reproductive health bill articles clearly show that I did not resort name-calling. I simply identified the ideological or philosophical “motivation” of my opponents—their belief system or that which motivates them to dogmatically cling on to their pro-RH bill position. I am motivated by my pro-free market and pro-reason convictions. I don’t believe in welfare-statism or nanny statism. The pro-RH bill mob, which I strongly detest, is motivated by its kneejerk belief that the government must provide the people, especially the poor, with their needs, that we are our brothers’ keepers, and that we must collectively contribute to the promotion of the common good or the greater good.

Deconstructing the Neo-Nazi Propaganda and Agenda of the Filipino Freefarters and the Socialists

What the hell is happening in this country? We have some groups of socialists, statists, nihilists, neo-mystics and neo-Nazis

who firmly believed they have a right to barge into a peaceful gathering of a group of people and then demand they are entitled to freedom of assembly and free speech. I’m talking about the latest Hitlerian, neo-fascist stunt of the pro-Reproductive Health bill mindless mob composed of socialists and a group of neo-mystics and neo-Nazis (the Filipino Freefarters) who protested and tried to desecrate the gathering of anti-RH bill Catholics inside the Manila Cathedral.

“Pro-life” Arguments Against Abortion are Fallacious

First, abortion is a philosophical issue. What the anti-abortion advocates try to do is criminalize abortion. Our anti-abortion law regards fetuses as fully developed human beings. We must understand that we have this concept of rights, and rights are important because they are a condition to man’s existence. Rights, which specifically and fundamentally means freedom of action or the right to act, pertains only to individuals. Rights pertain only to actual human beings, not to “potential” human beings. A fetus is a “potential” human life. Therefore, it is wrong to ascribe rights to a fetus or to a “potential” because “freedom of action” pertains only to an actual person.

Prof. Monsod Versus Free-Market Capitalism and Freedom

Yes, there are popular economists in this country today who are ignorant or negligent of the proper concept of rights and freedom and recommend statist policies to serve the greater good. In her October 23 column published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Filipino economist Solita “Winnie” Collas-Monsod clarified her stance on the Reproductive Health bill issue and family planning by labeling herself as “pro-life, pro-poor, pro-women”.  She then supported this label by citing depressing statistics that depict the country’s socio-economic condition.

Dr. Hendricks on the Reproductive Health Bill

“I quit when medicine was placed under State control some years ago,” said Dr. Hendricks. “Do you know what it takes to perform a brain operation? Do you know the kind of skill it demands, and the years of passionate, merciless, excruciating devotion that go to acquire that skill? That was what I could not place at the disposal of men whose sole qualification to rule me was their capacity to spout the fraudulent generalities that got them elected to the privilege of enforcing their wishes at the point of a gun.

The RH Bill’s Impact on Your Rights and Freedom

On Science, Overpopulation Myth, and the Idiocy of the Filipino Freethinkers

There’s a fascist group of neo-mystics (atheists who have distorted concept of reason, of science, and of freedom) who strongly push for the passage of an anti-population bill in Congress. This neo-Nazi collective—the Filipino Free-Farters (Freethinkers)—claim that their arguments for the Reproductive Health bill are based on science and objective facts. However, my objective and honest analysis of their flawed and sophistic arguments reveal that nothing could be further than the truth.

On Malthus, Overpopulation Myth, and the Fascist RH Bill

Now I don’t believe in shrinking resources. There are shrinking resources because man’s freedom is shrinking. What do I mean by this? If world governments allowed economic freedom to flourish and if the stupid environmentalists and their nihilist cohorts (e.g., the secular humanists, freethinkers, and religious people) stayed at bay and kept their stupidity a private matter, there would have been a new technological and scientific renaissance on earth. Technological and scientific development is only possible in a free society. By free society I mean an informed society. A society that does not regard man as a sacrificial animal or the means to the ends of others. And we would only be able to achieve a free society if men truly understood the real essence and concept of reason.

Debunking the ‘Guiding Principles’ of the Fascist RH Bill

The supporters and advocates of a controversial legislative proposals don’t have a clue. The so dangerous and so divisive Reproductive Health bill authored by a statist in Congress is all about Fascism and Statism! There’s only one explanation why the strongest supporters and advocates of this anti-reason, anti-science and anti-freedom bill come from the academia, the media institutions, and the country’s intellectual hub. Most people who passionately and desperately push for the passage of this bill are educated and professionals. Well, it’s no surprise why most socialists/leftists are college graduates or students from public colleges and universities.

Secularists Against the RH Bill: WHAT WE BELIEVE IN?

I believe that I have to clarify “our” secular views or arguments against the fascist Reproductive Health bill. This is to counter the claim of most ignorant statist and dishonest proponents/supports of the RH bill that most or even all opponents of the bill are religionists or Catholics. We offer secular arguments against RH bill. Meaning, our secular arguments are founded on reason, individualism and free-market capitalism, not on faith or mysticism.

Reproductive Health Bill: A Fascist Bill!

We have to fight this bill by exposing its many contradictions and evil intents to violate our individual rights and freedom. We are all engaged in a battle of ideas. I oppose this bill not because it’s against the will of God, but because it is dangerous, non-objective and unconstitutional. We are still free to do what we want in this country. We are free to buy condoms at any convenience store without facing any legal threat to our liberty. Yes, the Catholic Church is against any kind of family planning method and contraception, but we are still free to disobey or follow its religious decrees. The Church threatened of “communication”, I say “excommunication” is a thing of the past- of the Dark Ages when the Catholic Church had an absolute monopoly on the fields of religion and politics.

The Height of Stupidity of Filipino Fascists

A rabid supporter of a fascist bill called the Reproductive Health bill and credulous anti-population advocate pulled a cheap, pathetic stunt in front of the Manila Cathedral altar during a mass with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim and several Catholic bishops present. This Filipino fascist held a sign bearing the word “Damaso”, a reference to the diabolical friar from Jose Rizal’s famous novel “Noli Me Tangere”. To call the attention of the modern-day friars who perhaps represent Rizal’s ‘Padre Damaso’, this atheist protester then screamed: “Stop getting involved in politics.” He was seized by the police and taken to a nearby detention center.

The Fight Against RH Bill Continues: KILL THE BILL!

Apart from surrounding himself with well-known Marxists and progressives, President Noynoy Aquino recently showed his determination to support the fascistic, evil Reproductive Health bills authored by socialists in Congress. Reports said Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said he is prepared to face the rage of the Catholic church in making sure the bills on reproductive health pending in the House of Representatives are tackled extensively and voted on by lawmakers.

A Comment on Population Control and Abortion

However, this doesn’t mean that I’m not in favor of abortion. I am an atheist for the very reason that I don’t want to destroy reason. Most atheists in this country, the free-FARTERS in particular, are the most ardent supporters of this anti-population bill. But this doesn’t mean that all women in this country must undergo abortion. I believe that every human being is responsible for his/her own body. Any woman who has no capacity- physically, financially, emotionally, intellectually or psychologically- to deliver and/or raise a child has the right to demand abortion. An embryo is not a person. This means that any society has no right to deprive any woman of her right to undergo abortion.

Don’t Vote for these pro-RH Bill Trapos!

As the old saying goes, ‘you know one when you see one. And this is exactly the case as the most ardent advocates of population control have compiled a list of politicians running for public office this May 10 national elections who made an either expressed or implied support to the controversial Reproductive Health bill that would force both employers and doctors to provide RH services to designated beneficiaries against their will.

The Tyranny of the Anti-Population Bill

The staunch supporters of the Reproductive Health bill authored by some communist politicians in Congress peddled a number of altruistic grounds and rationalization to ensure the passage of their socialist proposal. Some of their grounds are the following: a) to provide the needed reproductive health care services for women; b) to help the poor; and c) to curb the alleged population explosion in the country.

The Psychology of the Anti-Population Cult

Today the issue of population control in this country is widely seen as the battle between the anti-population mystics who support an altruist legislative proposal and the religionists, who tied their arguments to Biblical grounds. Unfortunately, none of the opponents of this legislative proposal—the Reproductive Health Bill authored by socialist representatives in Congress—offered a proper, rational argument to counter the assumptions of the anti-population cultists. This is the reason why the RH bill debate is gaining more supporters than opponents—and this is also the reason why this country is moving toward complete collectivism.

Reproductive Health Care is NOT a Right!

My fundamental premise is this: I don’t believe the government has the right to coerce anyone under the concept of common good or social welfare to provide for the needs of others, and I also don’t believe that need is a claim or a license to enslave a particular group of people. First, it is important to understand that we’re not yet talking about the legality of this bill, because its proponents are still in the campaign process. The wave of public opinion determines the life or death of this legislative proposal, and I’ve heard that the Arroyo regime ordered its temporary confinement.

Reproductive Health Bill Revives Old War Between Two Mystics

IT seems that a lot of people in this country, particularly those who ardently support a leftist bill being pushed by  Leftist politicians in Congress, have miserably inflated their flawed logic and way of thinking. They accused all Filipinos who expressed their opposition to the controversial Reproductive Health Bill as religionists or Christians. These misguided supporters of the legislative proposal firmly believe that anyone who is against it is a believer of a non-existent mystic entity they call God.

Reproductive Health Bill: It’s Evil, Not Just Wrong

I oppose RH Bill not on the grounds of religious argument (that it is anti-Life), but because it is not part of the function of a government to institutionalize slavery, by sacrificing one group to another group. I do not share the sentiments of the religionists and the Catholics that this bill is pro-abortion or against the sanctity of life. I believe this proposition is anti-Life, but I do not agree with the religious position and definition of the term. To me it is anti-Life in the sense that it kills man’s motivation to achieve and the value of man’s achievement.

Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008

The State upholds and promotes responsible parenthood, informed choice, birth spacing and respect for life in conformity with internationally recognized human rights standards. The State shall uphold the right of the people, particularly women and their organizations, to effective and reasonable participation in the formulation and implementation of the declared policy.

Related Article:

Health Care Is Not a Right by Dr. Leonard Peikoff

The system would corrupt the entire medical profession. Since RH services would be partly or even fully subsidized by the government and/or paid for by employers, hospitals might look at opportunities to get more patients or RH beneficiaries rather than focusing on quality health care. How much should a hospital charge for every RH care visit to be covered by Philhealth or a private company? How would the government or state regulators know whether a particular clinic or hospital mis-declare the number of its patients, its price, etc?”

Like this:


I saw this being shared on Facebook.


Letter from 16-year old High School student, expressing her concern against the RH Bill.

February 14, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam,

The Reproductive Health Bill is a breach in collective national reason. It is common knowledge that this country has stumbled over many bad decisions over the span of its existence, but the Reproductive Health Bill is on a par all its own. While it is true that the Reproductive Health Bill does have some good points and intentions, my reason has led me to believe that the RH Bill will lead us nowhere but miserable failure. Unfortunately I am an underage student in high school with no political power whatsoever, and what I can do to influence the decisions made in this country is infinitely smaller compared to the power held by you. That is the reason why this letter is being written, because I know you yourself would encourage a young citizen like me to take action, although my opinion and yours seem to contradict each other. I do not see anyway around that problem so you might as well deal with it and read what I have prepared for you in this letter.

In the Reproductive Health Bill, with its paragraphs and statements and endless definitions, one simple goal is blatantly expressed: to curb national overpopulation. This dilemma of ours is supposedly an obstacle in the way of national progress, because apparently a country only needs a certain number of people to succeed. This country, so it is said, has too many mouths to feed, too little space to build houses on, and too little money to accommodate everybody. It is a very simple concept that seems true. We need a fewer amount of people so that we can make the most out of the money we have. We will not try to make more money. We will try to have fewer people.

Obviously there is a lot of fallacy in this. First of all, poverty is not caused by overpopulation. Poverty is caused first and foremost by inefficient leadership. If you take the root of it all you will see that the ruin of a society has never been caused by the people. It is atrocious how people, especially the poor ones, are seen as the stumbling block to this country’s progress. Is it the poor who steal billions of pesos of taxpayer’s money? Is it the poor who do not provide sufficient infrastructure? Is it the poor that continually makes one bad decision over another? Maybe instead of blaming the innocent, you should be pointing your finger in the other direction. It is so easy to manipulate words to justify one’s actions and incapability, and then put the blame on the victims, instead taking the responsibility for one’s own.

In fact, the single most important resource in a country is the human resource. It is the Filipino people who make up this country’s workforce. The bigger the population, the more people there will be to work. The more people there will be to consume. Correspondingly, if you have nobody to work, there will be less output. There will also be less people to consume products. Consumers are needed for this country to thrive. What will happen if there are not enough Filipinos?

Overpopulation is nothing but a myth used as a scapegoat by powerful people as a way to continue their inefficient agenda. The mentality of overpopulation will destroy the Philippines just as it is destroying the world as we speak. When perhaps we have a population that is suitable enough for you, you will realize that you actually need people to work and to produce in order to keep a country on its feet. Perhaps maybe then it would be too late, and the economy is struggling to keep alive because the small population of young workers is also trying to handle the burden of large aging population. Then you would have to switch things around and do what countries like Singapore are doing, and that is to actually pay a couple to have children. But does the Philippines have enough budget for that kind of plan?

I would also like to take this opportunity to inquire if the government is actually doing something to assess the high density of people in the urban centers. The reason that the cities are so cramped is because there no jobs to be found in the rural areas. Is the government looking for ways to make new jobs so that people would not go to the city? Perhaps the problem of overpopulation would not be so bad if the Filipinos could be more spread out. This is just a suggestion.

Second of all, I am against this bill because it states that I will go to jail if I say anything bad about it, supposing that it is passed. Never in my life have I encountered a bill with such insecurity. What is so wrong about speaking out against some law? If you have an answer, then please enlighten me. I do not understand. I thought that our Constitution defends my right to express my opinions. Apparently I can express my opinions about anything except this certain topic. I did not realize that such things are allowed. Of course I would not know about these very well, since I am only in high school. However, you are politicians and you should know a lot about laws and rights. Please reply back so that I can settle this in my mind and tell my friends about it.

Thirdly, the Reproductive Health Bill speaks a lot about defending women by giving them access to artificial birth control methods. I understand how having clinics is good for women, as it is mentioned in the RH Bill, but what are you defending them from when you give them birth control? From babies? Since when have babies become vicious pests that women need defense from? As a young woman myself, I personally find condom use degrading. Artificial birth control methods encourage men to see women not as persons but as objects to derive pleasure from. Widespread condom use will raise the number of prostitutes in this country. Now that young girls know how not to get pregnant, they can sell their bodies as much as they wish without the risk. How does this empower womanhood? That is one more thing I do not understand.

One’s stance on the Reproductive Health Bill is not an opinion. This Bill is not something that I can compare to a favorite color or a favorite pop tune. Your stance on the RH Bill is yes or no, wrong or right. Perhaps for simple folks like me, the say on the RH Bill has no consequence. But for you, it is a matter of progress or regress for this country. Important Political Person, I am pretty sure that you know more than I do, and you have very good tastes and opinions on a vast array of subjects. But on this issue I am afraid to say that you are wrong. You have been deceived by the popular opinions of the western world and you are leading everyone in a dangerous direction. When you are making your decision you are not siding with the church or state, the masses or the elite. You are making a decision as a service to your country, which is what your occupation demands you hold in utmost.

I have brought forth what my mental power can come up with, and hopefully it has caused you to think about the Reproductive Health Bill even just a little bit.

Yours patriotically,

Maria Inez M. Barrameda

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